Takaisin Aittamailman etusivulle

Terrace life at Keltainen Aitta

Welcome to the sunniest terrace in Oulu!

One of the most important cornerstones of Oulu Market Square is Aittamaailma and its popular Keltainen Aitta, the “yellow barn”.

Keltainen Aitta is not only the queen of the whole Market Square, but also the leader of the whole terrace life in Oulu. After all, our terrace has been voted as the most popular in Oulu for several times.


Keltainen Aitta is true to its name, yellow and always happy!

Sun shines on to our terrace directly from the morning to the late evening.

Our cheery staff members are always happy to serve you.



For several years, Keltainen Aitta has arranged music events during the summer.

The visiting artists have mostly been the new rising stars of Finnish music.

The events have brought some summery festival feeling to the Market Square, which is also one of its big attractions.

The mid-summer event, City Juhannus, has already become a trademark, which attracts more and more people every time.

We intend to start organizing events all year round.

OKTOBERFEST is already being planned, and the goal is to make it into the biggest beer festival in Oulu, with plenty of music and huge tankards of frothy ale.


Game nights in Keltainen Aitta

Come and cheer for your favorite team in the game nights of Keltainen Aitta!

On the screen: SM-Liiga Playoffs, UEFA Champions League

See the schedule at the Facebook page of Keltainen Aitta!


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Bar & Café Keltainen Aitta
Kauppatori 2
90100 Oulu